The philosophy of Ben Uri’s Open Access Policy is the dissemination and sharing of knowledge in our digital age being promoted by the creative use and reuse of digitized content for academic research, critique, teaching, learning and inspiration.


All content of the Ben Uri Research Unit presentations is designed for non-commercial, educational and critique user purpose. Very considerable effort has been invested to identify and contact individual copyright holders but there may be omissions and unintended errors.


If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found errors or omission on this website and for which you have not granted permission (or is not covered by a copyright exception under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) please contact Ben Uri in writing, to 108a Boundary Road, London NW8 0RH stating the following:

  • Your contact details
  • The full details of the material at issue and it’s creator
  • The exact and full web address (URL) where you found the material
  • Proof that you are the rights holder and a statement that, under penalty of perjury, you are the rights holder or are an authorised representative
  • Whether you wish to grant copyright permission or wish the reference to be withdrawn



How to access material and use Creative Commons licences for works in our Research, Archive and Collection databases.

Ben Uri releases low-resolution images of some of its art, archives, and research under a Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 (Unported) in the spirit of wide educational, non-income generating purpose. This licence lets you share images in specific contexts while safeguarding the copyright holder’s rights.


You can share images only if you:

  1. Attribute (BY) the artist/artwork and collection. You must state the following when sharing the image:
    • a) artist name, title of work, year of creation
    • b) © (copyright holder’s name) & Photo ©
    • c) Provide a link back to the work on the relevant Ben Uri website
  2. Use it in a non-commercial context only. The image cannot be reproduced in any manner that is primarily intended for, or directed toward, commercial advantage or profit generation.
  3. Show the image as a Non Derivative Work. This means that the image has not been re-sized, altered, cropped or changed before sharing.


All use of Ben Uri images and research under Creative Commons is checked. Please email us about how you plan to use the work on the Contact us page. The digital images available under the CC licence are suitable for non-commercial, online, and educational use only. Metadata has been included in all our digital images available under the CC licence.


Commercial Use and Larger Digital Images

If you wish to use the images in a commercial context or need a larger digital file, please contact Ben Uri at detailing the item you wish to reproduce, and context of reproduction.