Art-exit 1939: A Very Different Europe: Adler, Chagall, Bloch, Auerbach, Daghani, Feibusch and other

This exhibition shines a spotlight on a very different Europe in 1939 and the forced journeys made by many of Central Europe’s most distinguished, talented and pioneering artists, who escaped tyranny in search of artistic and personal freedoms.


Elsa Fraenkel, Jacob Bornfriend, Hugo Dachinger, Ernst Eisenmayer, Lucian Freud, Henryk Gotlib, George Grosz, Josef Herman, Dora Holzhandler, Oskar Kokoschka, Heinz Koppel, Ludwig Meidner, Kurt Schwitters, Arthur Segal, Chaim Soutine, Elisabeth Tomalin, Harry Weinberger.


The credit lines reflect the ownership of artworks at the time of the original display.